The Maran is a breed that originated in the French port town of Marans. It is renowned as a dual-purpose fowl for its gourmet-quality meat and its large sized, very dark brown eggs. Their ability to withstand damp conditions and their docile temperament have made the Maran popular for free-range farmyards.

A medium sized bird of "utility" type, meaning it is a general table , egg layer, fancy bird. Marans are in the barred or cuckoo colour patterns, meaning they have a light and dark band of colour in an even and separate pattern. There are three known types of colour patterns available in the UK.  all following the cuckoo type pattering silver, gold, dark. The silver has a white neck and light bars. The gold has blue/gray bars with a shade of gold the neck is blue/gray with gold and black markings. The dark, which is the most common has white and gray colouring with bands of black/blue.

The maran hen originates from France, from the village of "Marans." It is world famous for the excellent dark brown eggs it lays

Marans are a soft feathered bird which lay fairly tight to the body. They have a great ability to live in rough conditions (long grass weeds etc.) and seem quite happy to do so. Marans are a nicely rounded bird with a long back and a full breast, making them a suitable table bird if you have excess young cocks.

In France marans are allowed to have feathered legs but in the UK this is a fault. A few are shown itís not a matter of life or death as the main importance is on the egg colour.

ORIGIN                       France                     COMB                               Single

SIZE EGG                    67 gr                        BEARD                              No

EGGS/YEAR                150                          CRESTED                           No

EGG COLOURS            Dark Brown              FEATHERED LEGS              Yes

SIZE MALE                  4000 gr                    TOES                                4

SIZE FEMALE              3000 gr                    FLYING                             1 m                              

TEMPERAMENT           Very calm

COLOURS                   Cuckoo, Silver Cuckoo, Gold Cuckoo, White, Black
                                  Red + Black


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