Terms Conditions & Our Policy

  1. We endeavour to insure that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase and consider we offer good value for money.

    However if for any reason you are not satisfied, please advise us within seven days of delivery and we will endeavour to put things right. 
  2. The prices quoted on this website do not include delivery. We operate a ‘round robin’ delivery service throughout the country every two weeks and also use national courier services. Should you wish to collect, naturally here is no extra charge and you can inspect your purchase. Please ask for a quote for direct delivery, which will vary depending on where you live and the item purchased.
  3. Responsibility Passes on Delivery or Collection
    Chickens and eggs are living things and susceptible to external influences over which we have no control, once they leave our premises or are delivered. As such purchasers accept full responsibility for their live purchases once delivered. However in the unlikely event of illness we will consider the circumstances and at our option and on an ex-gratia basis may replace the purchase. We are reasonable people and wish to develop a large customer base with a good reputation. 
  4. Payment
    We accept all forms of electronic payment through ‘PayPal’ and by conventional means although we reserve the right to clear cheques before dispatching goods or livestock. Should we dispatch goods before clearing payment it is understood between the buyer and seller that the property in the goods remains with us the seller until payment is made in full. 

    The cost of returning goods is to be paid by the buyer should this be required. 
  5. Advice
    Any advice provided is done so in good faith in order to help those interested in chickens but we need to state that we do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of such advice. On medical matters we strongly recommend you consult with a qualified veterinary practitioner.
  6. Eggs
    Eggs start to lose fertility six days after being laid and rapidly so after ten days. We dispatch eggs up to four days for next day delivery. It is therefore imperative that you ‘set’ - incubate the eggs as soon as possible after receipt. Delay will reduce the number of eggs that hatch and we do not guarantee fertility in any event.

    Please ensure you study the advice given in the incubator section of this website and follow manufacturers instructions of your own machine. We can provide a broody hen or bantam with eggs, the next productive and lowest cost option.
  7. We have been advised by Trading Standards that the good we supply are exempt under the consumer protection (distance selling) Regulations 2000 for the following reasons:

    i. They are goods that by reason of their nature cannot be returned.  Reasoning being that animal hygiene aspects exist that make the good not
        applicable for resale
    ii. Examples given in the regulation are fresh food and fresh cut flowers. Notwithstanding this does affect your legal rights under the sale and
        supply goods act 194

    In the event the goods have to be returned to us it is agreed that you will pay the cost of return which may not be the cost originally charged for delivery as the originally cost of delivery may have been a shared cost with other customers in your area.
  8. We wish you every success and many happy hours.