Poultry Accommodation

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What size of hut do I really need!?
Hut Suppliers as opposed to those who keep poultry tend to rate their huts generously in terms of capacity.
For Sleeping only we recommend a minimum of 1.0 cubic feet per bird or split level perches
For covered run and occasional garden access 3 square feet per bird
Figures for large fowl = 1.5 Bantams (2 Large Fowl = 3 Bantams)

The quality of hut construction varies widely, too often they are flimsy, stapled together and untreated thin material made to look good.  We strongly recommend you touch and feel before you buy and check the specification carefully.

NB. Remember Keep chickens Dry & Clean

General Specification:

All huts/coups/runs have tanalised structural frames and all parts are treated with a preservative.

We reserve the right to make small changes to the design with respect to position of struts, doors and nest boxes.

Frame: 2" x 1" Tanalised pressure treated softwood. (unless stated otherwise)

Cladding: 5/8" Tongue & Grooved, Shiplap, or feather edge boarding pressure treated.
               Roofs are covered with T & G, feather edge  or Unduline.
1" x 1" 16 swg galvanised weld mesh not 19 swg which is not fox proof. (unless stated otherwise)

All our huts & runs are "Fox proof" as standard.
Finished accommodation is additionally treated with Golden Glow Brown wood preservative
All nest boxes are doubles
All huts have two perches and all runs have two perches.

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Accommodation Descriptions

How many
You can house


Length 1.83 metres (6 foot)
Width  1.02 metres (40 inches)
Height 1.22 metres (4 Foot)

 Kirkby Special
Coop 3' x 3' x 4' High
Run 6' Long x 3' x 3'

Hut on Legs: L39"x W38" x H49"
With ladder & double external nest box

L108"x W38" x Hut H49" x Run 26" 
Run 9ft long            
With double internal nest box

Alternative external nest box
£33.00 extra

a) L60" x W42" x H48"                               

b) L72" x W42" x H48"
a) £380.00

b) £420.00

The Foyle
L96" x W42" x H69"                           
4 perches double nest boxes

(As featured in ITV's Foyle's War)